Saturday, March 10, 2012

How to bypass Online Surveys

Have you experienced like you want to register or download music on a certain site, but before you could precede you have to take some annoying surveys? And also, there are times that surveys won’t function or encountered error during submission? Kind of annoying and time consuming, right?

Here are some solutions, see screenshots.

Again there is another approach, you can use XJZ Survey Remover Bookmarklet.  This tool removes surveys provided from the likes of CPAlead from the page of the website your viewing without you having to complete online surveys. It does this not by acting like a proxy(which often ruins the page's usability and functionality) but by just removing the survey.

Removes the surveys from:

To start, you could drag the link below to your bookmark, then click it once you encountered a site having that annoying survey

Drag me to your bookmark!

Or you may install this as addon to your browser, just go to this link LINK.

Hope it helps!


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  2. It's annoying when survey's pop-up. thanks for this tutorial.. I saw some Pinoy Websites has a lot of surveys.

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