Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Boost up your internet connection with Indosky Internet Accelerator

Having slow internet connection? Try this interesting software, the Indosky Internet Accelerator, proudly made by Indonesians, thanks to them, it indeed boost up my internet connection. :)

But before installing, I suggest that you should get some speedtest first, just click this link, so that you can differentiate after if there are some changes with your connection. And I suggest also that you should test it thrice, because sometimes your connection may vary at times, just get the average then that's it.

  1. Download Indonsky Internet Accelerator. CLICK HERE
  2. Unzip File
  3. Click Instal.bat
  4. Then click IndoskyLab.exe and a small dialog box will appear, then select the server you want, just do some trials and errors though, Good luck!. And I suggest that you should choose the server nearest to your country.  In my case, I chose Server 9(China). Indosky Internet Accelerator
  5. Then hit connect and that's it.
  6. You may test again your connection speed, and differentiate it with your previous one.
Download Links
Link 1
Link 2

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