Thursday, September 6, 2012

Google Chrome celebrates its 4 years in service

Google launched an open source browser called Google Chrome last September 2, 2008, and still, it’s one of the most widely used browsers nowadays. And now, they are celebrating their 4 years in service.

“When we launched Chrome four years ago, most people accessed the web through a personal computer.  Our goal was to help build a better web—a web that is faster, simpler and more secure”
Indeed, Chrome makes our browsing nowadays more secure, aside from being lightweight (in my experience, not being biased with other browsers though), it’s because you can save your own history, tabs, bookmarks, passwords in Chrome just by signing up.  So basically, it allows you to access your web everywhere, whatever device you used, it could be Mac, Windows, Linux, tablets, smartphones, you still experienced the same.

The good thing about Google is that all of its services are synchronized, so you don’t need to have a lot of accounts, like for email, blogspot, adwords, adsense, etc. because one account does it all, same with accessing with Chrome ;)

And a part of their celebration, Google created a sort of time machine so that we could track back the history of Chrome, and we can view the Chrome Time Machine here.

Happy safe browsing!

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