Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Video chat with hangouts in Gmail

I just remembered before, when I first use the chat box on Gmail, my reaction was so boring because for me there's nothing special on it. Just an ordinary chat box wherein you could just chat, relay messages, that's all. But we do know that technology is in a fast-paced mode, therefore Google adapt it as well. They create changes as to it's functionality. So way back in 2008, when video chat on Gmail was introduced, it changes the ambiance, it became more interactive since people can see now their faces while conversing with each other.

And as what I have mentioned previously that technology is in a fast-paced mode, so do Google. They upgraded video chat by integrating it with Google+ Hangouts. So today, we could do video chat simultaneously up to nine people, share screen, pictures, Google documents, and can even share Youtube videos with them, isn't that cool?! Unlike the old one, which only allows one person, since it was based on a peer-to-peer technology. Hangouts leverage Google's own network for better quality.
And it's not limited only to Gmail; you can use Google+ as well, it might be through browser or Android or iOS devices.

So what are you waiting for? Try it with you love ones and friends...


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