Friday, December 30, 2011

Resize image with ease in Photoshop using action script

Resizing an image is a very common skill in Photoshop and we do it often by MANUAL, right?! The question is what if we have a lot of images to resize then we want it all to be exactly 800x600, let say 50+, are your PATIENCE enough to do it MANUALLY?? Don’t worry there’s a solution to it. :)
We will be using Action Script to do it.

What is Action Script?
It is just a simple way of recording steps so that we could play it again and again. :)

Ok so before we start, I recommend you to do these steps, but you know it’s optional.
  • Ready the necessary files to be resize i.e. images. (REMINDER: just make sure that the original size of your images is bigger than the desired size you want to avoid degradation such as pixelated images, etc.)
  • Make it clean and organize, Create two (2) folders and label it as “Original” and “Resized” folder, it’s up to you regarding with the naming’s.
  • Put the images that you want to be resized in the “Original” folder.

Then let’s begin:
  • Open your Photoshop
  • Go to File and click Open (CTRL+O), then browse ANY IMAGE under the “Original” folder we create earlier.
  • Once the image is ready, locate the Action Toolbar
  • Since we already activated the Action Toolbar, we are set.
  • Once you click the Record button, it will automatically record all the activity that you will do, so be VERY careful, coz it will really mess up what you are doing, and sorry to tell you that you’ll have to re-do it again, of course.
    Also as you can see the record button is activated and also we can see the action we created i.e. “resize image”.

    REMINDER: just DON’T click or do anything else yet, just follow the instructions... :)

  • Go to File > Automate then Fit Image, a popup will then appear as you can see in the screenshots below, then just set it with the desired size you want, I just want it to be 800x600 then click Ok.
P.S.: Sometimes the output varies depending upon the aspect ratio of the image to avoid overstretching, since it is CONSTRAINT.

And as you noticed it is resize already and also it records the action we did and that is Fit Image
  •  Click the Stop/Playing Record button so that the recording will be stop. 
  • Again, Go to File > Automate > Batch,  a popup will then appear as you can see in the screenshots below
Then just press OK and voila, the action script we created does all the resizing. :)
If there will be some popups appear during auto-resizing just click Ok or press enter, don’t cancel it.

You could visit then the resize images on the Resized Folder we created to see if it really resized.

Happy resizing… :)

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