Saturday, July 21, 2012

Anonymous strikes again

Cambodia is the host of this year's ASEAN, but failed to resolve disputes over south china sea, in which China is claiming that they own our island Scarborough Shoal and Spratlys. And it's kind of bias since China is helping Cambodia in terms of their "Economic Growth".

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"Southeast Asian diplomats failed to reach common ground Friday on how to deal with a touchy territorial dispute involving China, as a regional conference ended without a joint statement for the first time in the bloc's 45-year history. Cambodia’s single act of obstinacy is a reflection of China’s influence and not Cambodian interests. People of Cambodia, your Government failed."

This was the statement of Anonymous, a group of hactivist which can also be seen on this currently down Cambodian sites as a form of their protest against Cambodian Government. (fixed) Mirror:

This post is for information sharing only, I did not intent to help someone to hack Cambodian sites or any sites alike.

Credits: LordRaiden, AnonymousButuan

Source: Youtube -- #OPCambodia

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