Saturday, July 14, 2012

How to Speed up web browsing using OpenDNS

What is OpenDNS?

OpenDNS is a Domain Name System (DNS) resolution service. OpenDNS extends DNS adding features such as misspelling correction, phishing protection, and optional content filtering.  It also provides the following recursive nameserver addresses as part of their FamilyShield parental controls which block pornography, proxy servers, phishing sites and some malware.
Source: Wikipedia

To shorten it up, it actually makes our internet browsing safer by handling some issues that are vital and also making it faster.

To Configure you must have the access to your network connection.
Just change the default DNS server address provided by your ISP with the following addresses below:

You may test your internet speed at Speedtest before configuring this, to differentiate if ever there are changes.  But do remember, speedtest is not always accurate.  In my case, I already tried and test it, and indeed, it boost up my internet speed. ;)

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