Thursday, October 11, 2012

How To Outsource Using Followgram

Enhance your Instagram Experience -- this is the tagline use by Followgram.

What is Followgram by the way? And how can it help to outsource our business, websites or alike?

Well, Followgram is a web app that extends the appeal of Instagram, enhances the user experience and boosting your followers count. It provides users with plenty of exclusive features such as RSS feeds, photo galleries, Facebook Integration as well as custom vanity URL's. Last but not least, Followgram allows you to create a follow button for your website or blog. Brands can activate Followgram brand pages with special features, web analytics and a customer engagement system.

Now we know about this web app and it's capability, I will share and show on how to optimize and maximize its usage. And to start with, you have to have first, specifically an Instagram account, then after that you can be able to use it as your login to Followgram.

After that, you will see your dashboard, containing your account details, the followers you have, as well as those people whom you followed and etc. And by the way, its interface is friendly and easy to get along with, since it looks similar to Twitter. :)

Anyways, let's continue, click the search button as you can see from the screenshots below, and it will direct you to the search page, then you may key in the keyword you want, then click Photos.

It will display all the results related with the keyword you entered, and then you may now choose from different profiles as seen below, or rather click some links displayed under the related tag for more results. When you're done choosing a profile to open, a popup will then appear, you can just click his or her username on the upper left of the pop up.

You will then be redirected to that person's profile, and start following him/her by clicking the follow button. You may also click the followers, to see more different profiles that is following that person. And start following them also.

As simple as that, probably in less than a week, you'll be having a thousand of followers then.

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